To the Scrub

Shirts, shorts, pants, hoodies, jackets…you name it we print it.

Every new pastime seems to have it’s own new unique uniform item (yes even Pokemon Go team uniforms). If you have an item you want ‘teamed-up’ just give us a call and we’ll figure out how. Our team can advise you on the best fabrics and garment style for your sport or recreational activity.

Because Dye Sublimation printing can cover an entire garment with any image we can produce the entire gamut of uniforms from a classy bowls uniform (shirts, pants, hats, socks etc) to a loud in your face full camouflage outfit for extreme outdoor pursuits like paint-balling, climbing, orienteering… you name it.


Petrol Heads

Whether you race bikes, boats or broncos you’re not a real race team until everyone is dressed in the same loud shirt plastered from top to bottom with sponsors logos. With or without a chequered flag we can design and print race outfits for everyone from the pit crew to the groupies.